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Written by Sasha Treguboff on 1. Feb, 2019
This site was super perfect.

Website: www.hebeos.co.uk/mother-of-the-bride-dresses/
Written by Diosa on 26. Nov, 2018
hello :)

Website: www.chicregina.co.uk
Written by Tori Masters on 8. Nov, 2018
Amazing club. Good job!!

Website: www.wearzius.co.uk/maxi-evening-dresses
Written by Charly N on 26. Mar, 2014
So proud of the Under 9's your game on Sunday last week was fantastic ! You are all playing really well making the games really enjoyable to watch, big thanks to the coaches too

Written by Andy Gwyther on 21. Nov, 2013
Great webpage for the club!! Well done!!

Written by Claire Burton on 16. Nov, 2013
Well, I will be the first to leave a comment. Only doing this to make sure everything is working correctly.
Proud of our Club and all we achieve.


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15.11 | 11:01

Hi. We currently don't have that age group so sorry I can't help at the moment. We are aiming to relook at this come new year. Kind Regards

15.11 | 08:04

Hi I am looking for a football club for my son who is 5 at the end of the month, would you be able to send me some details over of what you have please

24.06 | 14:10

Hi Can you please email me on Purnellsclaire@gmail.com and I can chat with you. Kind regards. Claire

24.06 | 12:41

can my son charley childs join a purnells u16 team however hes autistic