April 2106 Newsletter

Hi All

It is hard to believe we are so close to the end of the season once again and getting ready for our Presentation. Why does time seem to fly so fast??

So much has been going on in the background since our last newsletter in December, finding time to fit everything in has proved tricky hence the delay in an up to date letter with all the news.

Our new girls’ team which we started back in November has gone from strength to strength with numbers and Matt has now fully qualified as a Level 1 coach. He is now ready to enter his team, as U12 girls, into the League next season and get the girls playing matches. He has played a few friendlies which the girls have enjoyed immensely.

Our new U7/8 team for September has started training a couple of weeks ago under the Management of Jason Mears and already the numbers are incredible.

Following on from the younger age group above, we have had so much interest from children in Reception/Year 1 to be able to play football, we are currently in the process of starting up a Kids Club for 4-7 year olds with the intention of having the natural feed into the league at U7/8 with also the hope that a parent would step up and run the team. All our volunteers are parents and do it for their children.   We really need to find a parent/coach to assist with this exciting new development, aiming to train on a Saturday morning for an hour. If you are interested or know someone who is, please ask them to call/text Claire on 07518 034988 or drop her an email on purnellsclaire@gmail.com . We want this to really work to give more children opportunities to play football, make friends and have fun.

I do ask that you all utilise the tea hut facilities we have available at the Club when at training or matches. All money raised does go back into the land for our Club!! Stuart has done an amazing job and provided us with wonderful facilities and pitches. Let us all support him like he supports us.

In case you were unaware, the ground is now known as Cam Valley Playing Fields, home to Purnells so don’t think we have moved if you are told to meet at this address.

This year WE WILL NOT BE hosting a tournament in September due to a number of reasons but each age group will be taking part in some sponsored event to help make up our lost profit and to give you all the opportunity to do something different.   Ask your age group Manager for details or offer them suggestions.

We have been working tirelessly trying to raise money through sponsorise.me which the FA set us up with to help us gain the funds to purchase much needed machinery to keep our pitches in pristine condition along with our fantastic donation from Tesco. Unfortunately we have been left disappointed with the lack of support. We only have one week left to raise £1000. If you would help please please please click on this link and donate.https://uk.sponsorise.me/en/project-pitch-maintenance . If we fail to reach the target, those that have kindly donated will be refunded.

Claire hosted her first ever holiday camp at the Club over the first week of the Easter holiday for Key Stage Coaching which proved a great success. There will be another camp 1-3 June. Information will be sent out to all when forms are printed.

The gate between the Cricket Club and the playing ground will be opened by the first manager at the ground on training and match day and will be locked immediately after. It is our responsibility to ensure everything is all locked up so if there is children playing on the pitches that are not part of our club we do need to ask them to leave to enable us to lock up securely if everyone else has left.   The last thing we want is children locked in who then try to climb a fence to get out and cause themselves an injury.

Our Facebook pages are regularly updated so do take a look. We have one for Youth, Girls, Ladies and U18 plus there is one for Player Forum which you can post on if you want to start a discussion. Please do remember to use them correctly and not by putting unnecessary comments on. Feel free to post photos etc you have taken if you think they would be of interest to everyone (Purnell Football ones, not your holiday snaps!!) If you can, please like the Midsomer Norton and District Youth Football League page also.

We are behind with our next Player Youth Committee meeting but aim to host one shortly. We already have one member on the Somerset FA Youth Council which is wonderful and have had great feedback from the FA on all we do. Please do have a chat with your child and see if they would like to be involved and have their say in how the club runs. Message Claire for more information.

Our website is constantly updated and we hope you use it to check out things so please do take a look. www.purnellsportsyouth.co.uk .   Please feel free to send Claire anything you wish to add ie: - pictures, news, photos etc and she will be able to add them on.

Any items of clothing can be ordered direct from Wellingtons -01761 410042, at Great Mills Trading Estate, as you turn in it is directly on your left.   From here you can order jackets, hoodies etc but there is a minimum order of 6 so your details will be taken and added to this list. This may mean there will be a delay in getting items as not all are kept in stock.

One of the simplest ways of helping raise money for the club with a click of the fingers and it doesn’t cost you a penny is to follow the link below. You all use the internet to do online shopping I expect so if you can go through www.easyfundraising.org.uk that would be fantastic.   It is so easy to do by setting up as a user with Purnell Sports Youth Football as the cause. You can also set up an account for your own company, school, charity etc by using our referral link: - http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/referral/20480 .

Not much to report/comment except the usual:-

1)       For every parent that volunteers and commits, the £25 they earn will help towards their childs Astroturf fees. All you will have to do, is spend a morning in Bath with other club members having a laugh, watching the race and be provided with a free lunch!!For every parent that volunteers and commits, the £25 they earn will help towards their childs Astroturf fees. All you will have to do, is spend a morning in Bath with other club members having a laugh, watching the race and be provided with a free lunch!! For the mini soccer teams you must not post scores or you risk being fined if discovered. Also for Mini Soccer a parent/guardian has to be present at all times during training/matches and not just dump and go. This is FA regulations.

2)       It is also a requirement that you must refrain from using photographs and full names of either your own team or opposition players names on Facebook, twitter, in the paper or on any other social network site without gaining permission from their parent or team manager so please do abide by this rule.

3)       The most important piece of information that we ask you all to remember is that all our Managers/Coaches/Committee are volunteers and give up their time freely to give all our children the opportunity to play football, make friends in a safe environment.  Each team Manager will select their team as they see fit and the reasons should be explained to you at the start of each season. Some teams have large numbers so team selection is made harder. Unfortunately when we get to Youth Football, Leagues become very competitive so decisions made will not always please everyone. You MUST speak to your manager if you have any concerns and between you a solution can be met. Please do acknowledge receipt of any team message saving the Manager valuable time chasing to see if your son/daughter is available to play etc.

4)       RESPECT – At every home Purnells match any spectator, home or away, must stand behind the designated respect line which is laid out before the match. Managers and their coaching team will be stood at the other side of the pitch. Under no circumstances should anyone be stood behind the goals or alongside the Management team. You will be asked to move back to the correct place!!!! The referee will not let the match commence until everyone is where they should be.  

5)       All our coaches qualifications are kept updated so please be assured each member of the coaching team is fully qualified and all have completed the CRB checks needed. If anyone is keen to join our team there are certain forms to complete for Child Welfare purposes but please do not let this put you off helping as this is essential for the care and wellbeing of all our children. With immediate effect, any new volunteers wishing to help their child’s age group will not be able to start helping until they have met with Claire, completed the relevant forms and completed a CRC check. Once this CRC disclosure has been received by the applicant, the information will be added to the FA site and only when it is recognised on their system as accepted can you start assisting that team. This is a new rule by the FA and one which we at Purnells will follow.  

6)       Can you also please ensure you use black tape to match our regulation club colour black socks if you need to wear it following FA ruling.  

7)       If anyone has any concerns about their team, please do speak to your team manager first and foremost. Only then if you do not get the help or answer you needed or if your concern is of a Welfare issue, please do contact Claire, our Child Welfare Officer, on the number below and she will be more than happy to assist you.

  8)       Please do refrain from sideline coaching as this distracts the players and at times makes it impossible for players to hear manager’s instructions.  

9)       All our players must wear shin pads and everyone needs to bring a drink to training and matches.

10)    One last important reminder, when at the club can you please make sure your children do not swing on our new goal posts, we don’t want any  accidents or have to purchase new ones.

  Below are the links for all teams on Fulltime. You can check your fixtures, results and any other infor mation you may need:-

omerset Girls League – U15 Girls

http://full-time.thefa.com/Index.do?league=8640969 – then click on your age group

Midsomer Norton & District League – U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U15

http://full-time.thefa.com/Index.do?league=1942806 – then click on your age group

Mid Wilts League – U16

http://full-time.thefa.com/Index.do?league=8673133 – then click on your age group

Wilts Girls League – U17 Girls

http://full-time.thefa.com/Index.do?league=1552858 – then click on your age group

Somerset U18 League – U18





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24.06 | 14:10

Hi Can you please email me on Purnellsclaire@gmail.com and I can chat with you. Kind regards. Claire

24.06 | 12:41

can my son charley childs join a purnells u16 team however hes autistic

09.05 | 22:19

Hiya was wondering how i would go about my son joining the under 12s football team please

06.05 | 10:17

HI Charlie. We have from 5-16 plus girls. If you would like to email me on purnellsclaire@gmail.com with your childs details etc I can give you the correct info

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