Player Committee

Purpose of the Youth Player Committee

The youth player committee has been running now for three seasons and is a wonderful way for our players to have a say and be a voice within the club. They bring ideas and suggestions from their teams to the table for all to discuss. Anything that is spoken about is taken to the main club committee and feedback is given. Since forming, the committee created a competition to design a club logo which is now on all our letter head paper. Another idea was to come up with a slogan and a mascot. The slogan is "Orange is our colour, football is our game" and the mascot being the Purnells Panther. We have adopted from the World Wildlife Fund a panther after the committee voted this in. We are still waiting for the mascot dressed in his panther costume to make a visit to any of our games though!!!! 

Meeting Saturday 16 November 2013

Committee Members Present:-

  • Claire Burton
  • Alison Humphries
  • Karen Denning
  • Luke (U12)
  • Alex (U9)
  • Samual (U7)
  • Liam (U13)
  • Sam (U15)
  • Will (U15)
  • Jack (U10)
  • Lewis (U10)
  • George (U14)
  • Lauren (U13 Girls)
  • Laura (U13 Girls)
  • Jenni (U13 Girls)
  • Georgia (U13 Girls)

1)            Introduction


                We went around the table and each member introduced themselves as there were many new faces present.


2)            Comments/Ideas from Team


                None received


3)            Concerns


                None received


4)            FA Youth Council


Unfortunately our meeting with Lauren O’Sullivan from Somerset FA didn’t go ahead as planned and this needs to be rearranged. Bob Fox, grandfather of one of our committee members was present and advised all he is involved with the FA Youth Council so he could give us a little insight into this. Members on the Youth Council with the FA have to be 17 and above so this can’t include us.


5)            New Ideas/Suggestions from Committee


1)       The girls suggested having a match between both age groups but split the teams in 2 by mixing players around so you have a real different team.  Claire to suggest to the Main Management Committee at the next meeting.

2)       Sponsored Bike Ride, all members agreed this would be a fun thing to do. Could try the 2 tunnels cycle track? There are lots of different tracks to go on and places to start. Either pay to enter a family or ask for sponsorship. Claire to look at for next Main Management Committee meeting.

3)       Non Stop Football for 4 hours!!!!!!

4)       Fun Run. Round and round the pitches. At the end have stalls with sweets/cakes/drinks and side shows like throw the sponge at a Manager. Fun Run idea to be taken to Main Management.

5)       Sweetie Day – Don’t think the parents would be up for this!!

6)       Goalie Training – Claire to sort this out for the Club.

7)       Lad’s v Dads game- never happened would be a good idea to do at some stage this season.


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15.11 | 11:01

Hi. We currently don't have that age group so sorry I can't help at the moment. We are aiming to relook at this come new year. Kind Regards

15.11 | 08:04

Hi I am looking for a football club for my son who is 5 at the end of the month, would you be able to send me some details over of what you have please

24.06 | 14:10

Hi Can you please email me on and I can chat with you. Kind regards. Claire

24.06 | 12:41

can my son charley childs join a purnells u16 team however hes autistic

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