January Newsletter 2014

Hi All

We hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas amongst your families and friends and would like to wish you all have a very happy, healthy new year.

Obviously by now everyone should be following the instructions given by your managers with regard to parking sensibly and with respect at the Club until we are able to use the new ground permanently. We have been able to use the new land occasionally but once we are given the go ahead to use the land on a regular basis, we will advise you all via your team managers, email and facebook.

Your team winter training is now well underway at Astroturf.  If anyone is unsure of the rota and what weekend you go back on in the New Year, ask your manager and they will give you the information needed.

Each player should be handing over their weekly subs religiously to their managers/assistants at either training or matches each and every week. These cover the use of Astroturf hire so please do make sure you are paying your fees. If anyone is having trouble funding these, please do have a chat with your manager who will work with you to sort any problems. Mini soccer fees are £1 training fee, £1.50 match fee. Youth football fees are £2.50 per week which covers both training and match. 

We are still looking for volunteers to help us on Sunday 2nd March 2014.  Bath Half Marathon is taking place and we have been given the opportunity to marshal at this event as per the start of this year. Each parent that volunteers and commits to help with this will receive £25 which is donated to the club but we are offering that back to assist with the training fees!!!! We have already had commitment from those that took part this year. All you have to do is spend a morning on the streets of Bath with other club representatives having a laugh, watch the race, direct runners or walkers and get a free lunch!!!! It is as easy as that and all for £25 donation to your child’s club. Please do try to commit and help us. The more we get, the better donation, the greater team help with fees! Contact Claire to offer your assistance or respond to her email sent a few weeks ago.

For every parent that volunteers and commits, the £25 they earn will help towards their childs Astroturf fees. All you will have to do, is spend a morning in Bath with other club members having a laugh, watching the race and be provided with a free lunch!!For every parent that volunteers and commits, the £25 they earn will help towards their childs Astroturf fees. All you will have to do, is spend a morning in Bath with other club members having a laugh, watching the race and be provided with a free lunch!! A very important piece of information - For the U7/U8 teams you must not post scores on facebook, twitter, in the paper or on any other social network site as you risk the chance of being fined. It really is a serious matter, so please do abide by this rule.

One important piece of information that we ask you to remember is that all our Managers/Coaches/Committee are volunteers and give up their time freely.  Each team Manager will select his/her team as they see fit. You should already know how you will be notified, ie text/email.  Please do acknowledge receipt of any team message saving the Manager valuable time chasing to see if your son/daughter is available to play etc.

RESPECT -  All our coaches qualifications are kept updated so please be assured each member of the coaching team is fully qualified and all have completed the CRB checks needed. If anyone is keen to join our team there are certain forms to complete for Child Welfare purposes but please do not let this put you off helping as this is essential for the care and wellbeing of all our children. With immediate effect, any new volunteers wishing to help their child’s age group will not be able to start helping until they have met with Claire, completed the relevant forms and completed a CRC check. Once this CRC disclosure has been received by the applicant, the information will be added to the FA site and only when it is recognised on their system as accepted can you start assisting that team. This is a new rule by the FA and one which we at Purnells will follow and abide by.

Teas/coffees/hot choc and bacon butties etc are available to purchase from the club on Saturday mornings and on match day so pop into the club and see Dave and Mel. They also do amazing roasts on a Sunday so why not have a spot of lunch before or after your match.

Purnell Orange/Black socks for sale at £3.30 pair are available from Claire but she only has the larger sizes left, 7-11. You may purchase plain black ones available in all sports shops instead. Can you also please ensure you use black tape to match our regulation club colour socks if you need to wear it following FA ruling.

If anyone has any concerns about their team, please do speak to your team manager first and foremost. Only then if you do not get the help or answer you needed or if your concern is a Welfare issue, please do contact Claire, our Child Welfare Officer, on the number below and she will be more than happy to assist you.

Boot Swap – Please feel free to donate or swap your old boots. You will find a tub in the container at the club where you can leave or swap boots or shin pads.

Recycled Clothes – There is a charity container to the rear or the club for you to leave any clothes you no longer require to help raise funds.

Cans – Please recycle all your old drinks cans by placing in black sacks and leaving in front of the clothes recycling bin at the club.

We now have a new supplier for our jackets and all they need is a minimum order of 6. If you want to order one for your child please contact Claire with the size and initials needed and she will have a list on the go. All other items of clothing can be ordered at Keypress on 01761 402530 or email on keypresstrophies@hotmail.com . You will find them opposite Casswells in Midsomer Norton.

Our Facebook pages are regularly updated so do take a look. Please do remember to use them correctly and not by putting unnecessary comments on. Feel free to post photos etc you have taken if you think they would be of interest to everyone (Purnell Football ones, not your holiday snaps!!) If you also can please like the Midsomer Norton and District Youth Football League page also.

We do have a new website so please do take a look. www.purnellsportsyouth.co.uk .  Please feel free to send Claire anything you wish to add ie:- pictures, news, photos etc and she will now be able to add them on.

Below are the links for:-

Somerset Girls League

http://full-time.thefa.com/Index.do?league=8640969 – then click on your age group

Midsomer Norton & District League

http://full-time.thefa.com/Index.do?league=1942806 – then click on your age group

On both these sites you can check your fixtures, results and any other information you may need. Fixtures are already on the system but some will be amended due to not enough pitch availability.

www.easyfundraising.org.uk is a really easy way to help us raise those valuable extra funds. It is so easy to do by setting up as a user with Purnell Sports Youth Football as the cause. You can also set up an account for your own company, school, charity etc by using our referral link: - http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/referral/20480 .


Sun 2 Mar 14           Bath Half Marathon                         am                      Bath

Fri 9 May 14        Presentation Evening                            pm                      Paulton Rovers

Sun 31 Aug 14     Annual Youth Tournament         am – pm                Purnell Sports Club

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24.06 | 14:10

Hi Can you please email me on Purnellsclaire@gmail.com and I can chat with you. Kind regards. Claire

24.06 | 12:41

can my son charley childs join a purnells u16 team however hes autistic

09.05 | 22:19

Hiya was wondering how i would go about my son joining the under 12s football team please

06.05 | 10:17

HI Charlie. We have from 5-16 plus girls. If you would like to email me on purnellsclaire@gmail.com with your childs details etc I can give you the correct info

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