September 2015

Hi All

Well we are now underway with the new seasons’ fixtures which I hope you all have written down in your diaries and got your wet weather gear all prepared and ready to use.

Whilst you have all been enjoying a lovely rest from football, Claire, as normal, has had a very busy time ensuring all affiliations and registrations for the FA and various Leagues have been completed and actioned on time. She has also been responsible for sorting all team paperwork, updating any course renewals and CRC for the new season and has organised literally everything for the tournament as well as carry out all the other roles she has within the Club and the Leagues she is involved with. This said her work does not stop at all throughout the season as there is always many things to do, so please be very mindful when you need any help from her, she will do her very best she can for you all whilst working, running a home and recuperating from major spinal surgery this year.

The tournament went very well with beautiful weather shining down on us. Many we think, were a little unprepared and went home rather sore and red!! From a committee point of view we had a great day and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our players and the opposition for behaving and representing their clubs in the correct way and thank each and every one of you that helped in some way on the day to make it run as smooth as it did.

Our Facebook pages are regularly updated so do take a look. We have one for Youth, Girls and U18 plus there is one for Player Forum which you can post on if you want to start a discussion. Please do remember to use them correctly and not by putting unnecessary comments on. Feel free to post photos etc you have taken if you think they would be of interest to everyone (Purnell Football ones, not your holiday snaps!!) If you can, please like the Midsomer Norton and District Youth Football League page also.

Registrations increased slightly this year from £30 to £35 with siblings staying the same at £15 thereafter. This is due to rise in costs of machinery and pitch hire plus winter training. It also takes into account a small amount for lack of support at fundraising events which could bring great totals in if more people were keen to attend.

Our first player Youth committee of the season is planned for Sunday 11 October 6.30pm at Paulton Rovers in the Winterfield Suite. It is more private and less disruptive being in this room. If your Son or Daughter would be keen to join our award winning player committee please email or call Claire and let her know. It is a great chance and opportunity to have your say and that of your fellow team mates in a very informal get together.

We are hosting Goalkeeper training once every month for all our team goalies.   Dates are shown in the diary dates below.   It is free to those goalkeepers that attend.

Our website is constantly updated and we hope you use it to check out things so please do take a look. .   Please feel free to send Claire anything you wish to add ie: - pictures, news, photos etc and she will be able to add them on.

Boot Swap – Please feel free to donate or swap your old boots. You will find a tub in the container at the club where you can leave or swap boots or shin pads.

Any items of clothing can be ordered direct from Wellingtons -01761 410042, at Great Mills Trading Estate, as you turn in it is directly on your left.   From here you can order jackets, hoodies etc but there is a minimum order of 6 so your details will be taken and added to this list. This may mean there will be a delay in getting items as not all are kept in stock. Due to the vast amount of football roles Claire does, she has had to cut down on many little things, like this, to enable her to concentrate on getting herself 100% well again and not have to worry about chasing around for others as I have for the past 9 years.

With Christmas fast approaching once again, apparently it is under 100 days now, this is the simplest way of helping raise money for the club with a click of the fingers and it doesn’t cost you a penny. You all use the internet to do online shopping I expect so if you can go that would be fantastic.   It is so easy to do by setting up as a user with Purnell Sports Youth Football as the cause. You can also set up an account for your own company, school, charity etc by using our referral link: - .

Not much to report/comment except the usual:-

1)       For every parent that volunteers and commits, the £25 they earn will help towards their childs Astroturf fees. All you will have to do, is spend a morning in Bath with other club members having a laugh, watching the race and be provided with a free lunch!!For every parent that volunteers and commits, the £25 they earn will help towards their childs Astroturf fees. All you will have to do, is spend a morning in Bath with other club members having a laugh, watching the race and be provided with a free lunch!! For the mini soccer teams you must not post scores or you risk being fined if discovered. Also for Mini Soccer a parent/guardian has to be present at all times during training/matches and not just dump and go. This is FA regulations.

2)       It is also a requirement that you must refrain from using photographs and full names of either your own team or opposition players names on Facebook, twitter, in the paper or on any other social network site without gaining permission from their parent or team manager so please do abide by this rule.

3)       The most important piece of information that we ask you all to remember is that all our Managers/Coaches/Committee are volunteers and give up their time freely.  Each team Manager will select their team as they see fit. You should already know how you will be notified, ie text/email.  Please do acknowledge receipt of any team message saving the Manager valuable time chasing to see if your son/daughter is available to play etc.  

4)       RESPECT – At every home Purnells match any spectator, home or away, must stand behind the designated respect line which is laid out before the match. Managers and their coaching team will be stood at the other side of the pitch. Under no circumstances should anyone be stood behind the goals or alongside the Management team. You will be asked to move back to the correct place!!!! The referee will not let the match commence until everyone is where they should be.  

5)       CODE OF CONDUCTS – Attached is a reminder to all about the code of conduct that each parent and player would have signed at the start of each season. Do read them, they are important and if you do not abide by the rules set out you face expulsion from the ground if you continue to behave in an inappropriate way.  

6)       All our coaches qualifications are kept updated so please be assured each member of the coaching team is fully qualified and all have completed the CRB checks needed. If anyone is keen to join our team there are certain forms to complete for Child Welfare purposes but please do not let this put you off helping as this is essential for the care and wellbeing of all our children. With immediate effect, any new volunteers wishing to help their child’s age group will not be able to start helping until they have met with Claire, completed the relevant forms and completed a CRC check. Once this CRC disclosure has been received by the applicant, the information will be added to the FA site and only when it is recognised on their system as accepted can you start assisting that team. This is a new rule by the FA and one which we at Purnells will follow.  

7)       Can you also please ensure you use black tape to match our regulation club colour black socks if you need to wear it following FA ruling.  

8)       If anyone has any concerns about their team, please do speak to your team manager first and foremost. Only then if you do not get the help or answer you needed or if your concern is of a Welfare issue, please do contact Claire, our Child Welfare Officer, on the number below and she will be more than happy to assist you.  

9)       Don’t forget to use the new carpark when at training or matches. To get to this just drive past the main Club entrance and turn left into Cam Valley Playing Fields. The new tea hut will also be open on match days for all your hot drinks and snacks. All proceeds will go back into the development of the pitches so if you can support them that is fantastic. Hot drinks all £1. Also crisps and chocolate bars available.  

10)    Please do refrain from sideline coaching as this distracts the players and at times makes it impossible for players to hear manager’s instructions.  

11)    All our players must wear shin pads and everyone needs to bring a drink to training and matches.

  12)    One last important reminder, when at the club can you please make sure your children do not swing on our new goal posts, we don’t want any  accidents or have to purchase new ones.

Below are the links for all teams on Fulltime. You can check your fixtures, results and any other information you may need :-

omerset Girls League – U15 Girls – then click on your age group

Midsomer Norton & District League – U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U15 – then click on your age group

Mid Wilts League – U16 – then click on your age group

Wilts Girls League – U17 Girls – then click on your age group

Somerset U18 League – U18


Sat 10 Oct 2015   Goalkeeper Training       Purnell Sports Club      9am – 10.30am

un  11 Oct 2015  Youth Player Committee Paulton Rovers             6.30pm – 7.15/7.30pm

Sat 14 Nov2015   Goalkeeper Training        Purnell Sports Club       9am – 10.30am

Sat 13 Feb2016   Goalkeeper Training        Purnell Sports Club       9am – 10.30am

Sat12 Mar 2016   Goalkeeper Training       Purnell Sports Club        9am – 10.30am

Fri 6th May 2016  Presentation                  Paulton Rovers               from 6.30pm

Sun 3rd Jul 2016  AGM – All Welcome         Paulton Rovers              6.30pm                   

Sun 4th Sep 2016 Tournament                   Purnell Sports Club        8.30am onwards

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24.06 | 14:10

Hi Can you please email me on and I can chat with you. Kind regards. Claire

24.06 | 12:41

can my son charley childs join a purnells u16 team however hes autistic

09.05 | 22:19

Hiya was wondering how i would go about my son joining the under 12s football team please

06.05 | 10:17

HI Charlie. We have from 5-16 plus girls. If you would like to email me on with your childs details etc I can give you the correct info

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